About davidathome®

My name is David Enmark and I have run the restaurant davidathome® in Sweden since 2010 together with my wife Katarina and, of course, our children Emma and Anton. I love people that take pride in their work and I am proud of the work we do with food and service in all areas.

Earlier in my life

I have been responsible for the food and drink for Stockholm at the Mipim property event in Cannes for the last 17 years now, including 2019.

I have had the chance to feed a long list of really interesting people and at amazing events, including Pavarotti, Björn and Benny from ABBA, Saint Birgitta’s 700 year festival (the Pope was invited but unable to come), Wallstar, SOK, BMW, SAAB and many more. From the middle of the 1990s until 2004, through the IT bubble, I owned and ran CousCous Catering with my friend Nils Berg.

Since then

I have been responsible for events at Stockholms Borgerskap (business owner network), responsible for food when the Queen opened Rozeliahemmet, the inauguration of Af Chapman, Bento Food, a variety of photo shoots including for JM, Borgarnytt and a cook book with Ello’s isterband sausages. I started up all the restaurants at the Quality Hotel Friends. 2018 Monaco, exhibitions Lyxpack for Iggesund VIP customer.

Words I love

Curiosity, totality, positive people, professional pride, will, presence and, last but not least…have fun!