Restaurant Sweden

Are you looking for a restaurant in Sweden that would be an extraordinary experience? Look no further. davidathome is highly appreciated restaurant in Swede and a special and rare restaurant experience. Why? Because you eat in the kitchen of the home of the chef and his family.

davidathome is run and owned by David Enmark and his wife Katarina. David is a chef with a long experience from many prestigious restaurants in Sweden. The food at davidathome is in other words nothing less than exceptional.

Why a restaurant at home?

It all began when David learned about Cuba and their restaurants at home, called “palladar”. He thought it was a great idea, but he also knew it would be hard to implement it in Sweden, because of all the regulations around food in the country. But, David doesn’t only have a genuine passion for food and a solid experience as a chef, he is also equipped with an extended stubbornness. So even though everyone around him discouraged him from trying to get the idea to work in Sweden, he started a restaurant in the family's new home, a house on a small island outside of Stockholm called Tranholmen. 

So not only did he challenge the Swedish regulations in his goal to serve food in a whole new way. He also did it in a somewhat remote place, on an island with no connecting roads during summer. To get to the island between the middle of April and November you’ll have to catch the ferry or the taxi boat. Did this mean that the restaurant in Sweden was anything less than a success? No.

A secret restaurant in Sweden

David decided from the start that he wanted the restaurant to get knowned through word of mouth. If the restaurant was good enough the word about it would spread, he reasoned. It wasn’t too long after they opened, that the restaurant in Sweden was full on almost every night the family opened their home to restaurant guests. So even though it was something of a secret in the beginning, the word spread quickly. 

A restaurant experience you’ll never forget

David and his wife has two children, who were living at home at the time the restaurant opened. And the family has always been the most important thing for David, even though the house is filled with restaurant guests. In the history of the restaurant there has been moments where the two worlds collide. Like when the son wants to have a shower in the evening and the guest just will have to wait in line for the bathroom, because there is only one bathroom in the house. 

Another unforgettable evening was the one where the power went, half an hour before the dinner was supposed to be served. Did that spoil the evening? Of course not! David started the outside gas stove, cooked the food, lit the candles on the tables and saw the evening through. As a treat for the guests, one of Sweden’s best known singers, who was one of the guests for the evening, brought his guitar and played instead of the vinyl record player. 

Restaurant Sweden

What about the food?

The menu for your evening will be set by David and you will be served a four courses menu and more. The only thing you’ll have to do is make sure you have a reservation and a seat at one of the tables in David’s kitchen. After that you can lean back and enjoy an evening you won’t forget. Welcome to one of the most memorable restaurants in Sweden.